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Wellness Membership


Receiving regular wellness treatment promotes inner peace and improves your health. Experts estimate that approximately 90% of diseases are stress related and it is a known fact that nothing ages us faster internally and externally than persistent high stress levels.


What are you willing to invest to have optimum health?


For as little as $1.80/day, N-diya presents a special opportunity for you to receive the Wellness, serenity and positive health benefits received from establishing a regular self care regimen. Every member receives one Aromatherapy massage, reiki, reflexology or facial per month. Other massages may require an additional fee. Some services are not included in the membership ie colonics, but are offered at a discounted rate for our members. If you want more than one wellness service a month you will receive them at the membership price.


For $69.99/ a month + fees you can receive the following health benefits:


- Alleviation of lower back pain

- Healthier, Vibrant skin

- Enhanced Immunity

- Increased joint flexibility and range of motion

- Improved Circulation

- Reduced High Blood Pressure

- Lessen feelings of depression and anxiety

- Promote tissue regeneration and reduce scar tissue

- Releasement of endorphins that work as the body's

natural pain killer and make you feel great naturally.


Apply today, limited availability.

Terms & Agreements

Membership requires a 12month commitment. If you cancel before 12months you will be automatically charged a $99 early termination fee. All services are by appointment only. If for any reason you need to reschedule your appointment We have a 24hr cancellation policy. Failure to cancel within 24hrs will result in a late cancellation fee of $40. The payments are automatically deducted the first of every month with a 5 day grace period. Late payments maybe subjected to a $10 late fee. You are responsible for scheduling your service every month. If for any reason you are unable to schedule for the month, you may take 2 services the following month.

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