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Eczema affects approximately 35 million people in the United States alone and this number is steadily rising.  Medical researchers suspect this increase is directly related to the increased exposure to environmental irritants.  


Simply put, Eczema is the inflammation of the uter layer of the skin, But there is nothing simple about it.  It varies in presentation from one person to the next.  What causes a flare up for one person may have no effect on you and the appearance of the rash may also vary from person to person. Some

people can experience mild dry patches while others will have near volcanic erruptions.


The good news is that you can care for your eczema naturally and avoid the potential hazards that

can arise from using tropical steroids to manage your Eczema.


I developed a natural line of Healing products to relieve the symptoms associated with Eczema after

having a negative reaction to a topical steroids prescribed to me by my doctor.



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